Wix FREE photography Flash sites

So I stumbled upon Wix.com. It’s a site that let’s you build websites for free. Wix creates flash based websites so you can have some cool movement and scrolling capabilities (but wont help with the SEO). For what I’ve read, it’s a super easy drag and drop interface and the sample sites do look pretty cool for a free service. If you are a photographer and want to build a site for free, check em out. www.wix.com



Site of the week: BrentB promos

So this is totally a joke. Kind of. Here’s the story: I had to put together a dealer profile for the company I currently work for to access the dealer pages so I could learn about our services so I could design the dealer pages (that was an intentional run-on sentence so you feel just as I did). As a part of this proccess, I had to put together my very own Logomarkmark Portfolio website. I quickly threw together a logo and set up the website in minutes. So if you want to check out some promotional product and possibly want to order something for your own business, hit me up. www.logomarkportfolio.com/BrentB your home for promotional products.

Ripped off

Ever felt like someone has ripped off your art, design, ideas????? Chances are you were ripped off and heres the website that proves it. youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com shows the original work ollowed by the rip-off artist. CRAZY stuff. This will blow your mind. Well, you know what they say: when someone steals your design it’s the best form of flattery (or something like that). Check it out.


How to get a DBA in the OC

Hey all you freelancers out there. Ever wondered how to get a DBA (doing business as)? It’s actually really easy to do. First you have to set up a Fictitious Business name (FBN). In Orange County you can do this by going to the county clerks in Santa Ana and filing in person or by filing online. You first must make sure your FBN is available. Search to see if your desired FBN is available here.

These fees apply at time of filing:
Filing fee $23.00 for one business name.
$7.00 for each additional business name
$7.00 for each additional partner after first two

After you have filed, you must be published in a local paper. Publication must occur in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the principal place of business is located within thirty (30) days after filing.Your FBN lasts for 5 years and gives you ability to apply for a sellers license and all kinds of other goodies. All the info can be found at the OC county clerks webpage here. Good luck.


Directions and Parking

Directions and Parking

For directions and parking click here