Wedding Photog Jasmine Star on Chase Jarvis Live

Just finished up listen to the Jasmine Star interview with Chase Jarvis. The interview was the precursor to the 5 day wedding photography workshop with Jasmine on Watch the course Live & FREE Aug 25-29, 2010 on creative live. Or prepay $99 to buy the 5 day course. I’m super stoked on this personally and will be tuning in as much as I can. Chase said that the interview will be uploaded to his youtube channel or looped on Chase Jarvis live for… not sure. So go check it out, Jasmine has a ton of energy, a great story, and is an oc native (word). See you guys on

Chase Jarvis Live with Jasmine Star

Chase Jarvis Live with Jasmine Star

Wix FREE photography Flash sites

So I stumbled upon It’s a site that let’s you build websites for free. Wix creates flash based websites so you can have some cool movement and scrolling capabilities (but wont help with the SEO). For what I’ve read, it’s a super easy drag and drop interface and the sample sites do look pretty cool for a free service. If you are a photographer and want to build a site for free, check em out.

Site of the week

This is a great photoshop tutorial website. Here a small list of the tutorials on their homepage right now:

A Comprehensive Guide to Photoshop’s Liquify Tool

Alphabetic Inspiration: A-Z Experiments with Letters, Hand-Crafted Type, and More

Create a Magical Four Piece Stardust Composition – Basix

Creating Typography Inspired by the Seventies and Eighties

Check them out at

Inventory Lookup: Logomark’s new diggs

I got to be a part of the team that designed the look and function of the Inventory Check function on (my regular 9-6). After refining and redesigning this many times over it is now live and working like a charm. Mike and Mike put together something like 8 different web code technologies together to get this to function the way it does. It seems simple but there is a ton of work behind it. Go check it out on any product page, the big button on the right hand side under the product image. different by design.