Help Portrate OC

Are you a photographer? Do you want you help some in heed this holiday season? Help Prtrait is a group of photographers who get together and share their gifts and talents with those in need. I had heard of Help Portrait last year from my friend treezoy. This is something that sounded amazing and I wanted to be a part of it this year. Here are the details so far: December 4 is the date schedule to go and take pictures, the location is still be decided upon. December 4 will be a hard day for me to make but I am hoping I can make it. Join the discussion board to see the latest details: OC Help Portrait

Help Portrait OC

Help Portrait OC

If you are not in orange county there is probably a Help Portrait group in your area. Check it out at

One thought on “Help Portrate OC

  1. thanks for posting this…it really is a great cause.also needed are make up artists and hair dressers, or anyone else who would be willing to volunteer their time to assist, retouch, coordinate donations for food, beverages and printing of the final images.

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