Expo Disc

So I had seen and heard of the expo disc some time back when I was in a photo class at the beginning of the year, but for some reason had forgotten about it. The Expo Disc came back into light while I was listening to a Light Source photography podcast. The guys were talking with the owners of the company and they were sharing their knowledge on the in’s and outs of custom white balance. Don’t know what white balance is? Here’s the low-down: “Even the best digital cameras are incapable of consistently delivering accurate color without the user performing a custom white balance. Auto (AWB) and preset white balance functions often produce maddeningly inconsistent results. Images shot without a correct white balance may have unnatural looking red, yellow or blue tints that are time consuming and difficult, if not impossible to correct.Recognizing the importance of custom white balance to good color, digital camera manufacturers have designed their cameras to take advantage of a custom white balance. A custom white balance calibrates the camera to the exact color temperature of light illuminating the subject.” (expoimaging.com). The fast, easy and accurate solution: the Expo Disc. It literally takes a couple of seconds. Just pop the Expo Disc over your lense and set a custom White Balance. That’s it. No gray cards or white pieces of paper. Fast and easy. Check it out videos,how it works and all the good stuff at expoimaging.com

Image from expoimaging.com


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