So we just switched over to CS4 from CS3, and I have to say I am definitely enjoying CS4. As part of setting it up I took screen shots of my CS3 workspaces to help arrange my CS4 workspaces. I just wanted to share them and see how others have set up their spaces. I’m using the windows as extended panels on the right side of my screen with my tool bar sitting vertically on the top left of my screen. I understand that these are completely across the screen from each other but with the amount of key commands I use I hardly touch the toolbar. Also, because I work in OSX I have hot corners set up in expose’ so I’m already all over the place. As a side note, I have changed my photoshop setup to have the “Paths” window as an alone widow right above the “Layers” window because I go back and forth through those the most. enjoy!

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