Nikon D100 – My Camera

Nikon D100

Nikon D100

The Nikon D100. This is the camera I am currently using. I got this from a friend that was passed down from a product photographer previously. I have been shooting with the camera for a little while now and have been very comfortable with it. I had used this camera at my previous job as it was the camera we used for shooting product. The couple of things I have found to be an issue are: 1) it’s only 6.1 mega pixels 2) when using auto focus feature the picture seems a little soft 3) when shooting raw, the camera gets really bogged down (not sure if it’s the camera or the card, testing to follow). I have included some of the specs, a review from dpreview and some examples of a recent shoot I did. Enjoy!

  • Image Sensor Type – CCD
  • Sensor Size – 23.7 x 15.6mm
  • Total Pixels -6.31 million
  • Image Area (pixels)
  • DX-format – (L) 3,008 x 2,000 (M) 2,240 x 1,488 (S) 1,504 x 1,000
  • LCD Monitor Size –1.8 in. diagonal
  • LCD Monitor Resolution – 118,000 Dots

  • Approx. Dimensions – Width 5.7 in. (114.78mm) Height 4.6 in. (116.84mm) Depth 3.2 in. (81.28mm)
  • Approx. Weight – 24.7 oz. (700.2g)

Nikon D100 official page.

Nikon D100 review from dpreview.

Here are some shots of a recent shoot (shot in raw format).

One thought on “Nikon D100 – My Camera

  1. The shots look good to me, and I don’t think its a good camera, maybe a little dated but still good. Maybe you need some better lenses to help you evolve as a photographer. I like to think that a third of the work is done by the camera a third by the lenses and the rest by you. Take a look, maybe something might interest you.

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