John Green’s Embrace shelf/table

Combo shelf/table by John Green. It can be a book shelf, or a table or a stool, or all three. Great design and materials. See more here.

John Green’s Embrace shelf/table

John Green’s Embrace shelf/table


Piet Indoor Stove

Modern indoor stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius. “…this indoor stove with a brass reflector burns ethanol fuel and not wood, which gives no smoke/soot thereby eliminating the need for a chimney. This elliptic egg-shaped, chimney-free indoor stove is made of rock wool fire insulation between the reflector and the outer ceramic shell, which makes it safer to be placed near the walls or furniture.” Pretty awesome if you ask me. See more of the Piet inddor stove here.

Piet Indoor Stove

Piet Indoor Stove

Freelancers- How To Find Time For… Everything!

Amazing article by smashing. Here is the quick version:

1. Get Organized

2. Separate Work Space from Everything-Else Space

3. Take Advantage of Time Management Tools

4. Set Goals

5. Set Deadlines

6. Plan Ahead

7. Prioritize

8. Delegate or Outsource

9. Optimize Your Processes

10. Learn to Say “No”

11. Learn When You Work Best

12. Set Regular Working Hours

13. Don’t Waste Time

14. Avoid Multitasking

15. Take Frequent Breaks

16. Maintain

Read all the goodness here.