June Recap

So I was totally going to do this for the Month of May but it escaped me. So here it is, a recap of the Abrentisart topics & happenings of June. Enjoy.

Lap chair

Make your own eco Envelopes

Bold City Brewery’s bold graphics


Cool Architecture

Designed Rock Climbing Gym

How to Make Books Book

Idaho Outpost House

Amazing Leather Leica Cases

Kalon studios

The evolution of camera forms; part 1

Alice in Wonderland

Craft Leftovers Monthly Zine

June Fixies

Retro Transistor Radios

Rolling Huts

The World’s Coolest Bikes


Holga Accessories

Indie Publishing

Urbana Home

Chase Jarvis Photog tips

Mercarbarna Flower market

Dutch Bench

DIY camera kit

Recycled Kitchen Sink Structure

Moleskine art 3

More Fixies

Prayer Pavillion

Bamboo See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil chiars

Tube clock

Graham House

Crazy Minitures

Barbara Cole Underwater photography

Fixed Gear

Sweet London Fixie. Great color scheme.

Ben Oliver, London

Ben Oliver, London

Love the retro Raleigh.

Retro Raleigh

Retro Raleigh

Super clean silver bullet.

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet

White Lightning. NICE!!!

White Lightning

White Lightning

So fresh and so clean.

Eddie El NeNe

Eddie El NeNe

Love the bent frame and super chuncky aerospoke front wheel. Sweet.

Akihiro HATA

Akihiro HATA

cool architecture

Cool emergency architecture from a global perspective.

Crossing NOW Exhibition

Crossing NOW Exhibition

Check out this cool advertising agency

Pullpo Advertising Agency

Pullpo Advertising Agency

Farewell chapel.

Farewell chapel

Farewell chapel

Sweet modern architecture in Mexico city. Awesome use of wood, metal and cement.

Paracaima HouseParacaima House

Paracaima House

Humanitarian Thai houses. Check em out, there are a lot of cool things to these house/huts.

Soe Ker Tie House

Soe Ker Tie House