Designers are builders too

Designers are builders too. At least I am. It’s in my jeans, or shall I say it runs in the family. Last weekend my dad and myself put in a patio in my backyard, and I must say it didn’t come out that bad. Here are pics. Instructions below if you are interested.

Instructions. These are rough instructions but they might help you get by.

1. Measure the area you wanted to pave. After looking at various paving stones I decided on the generic cement square ones, they were the cheapest and working with a square is easier than other weird shapes.

2. Dig out the area to be a couple inches deep.

3. Make a basic frame out of treated 2×4’s. Use treated wood because it withstands the elements. Add a 1/4″ to 1/2″ to your dimensions to account for “wiggle room” of the pavers. When Making the frame make sure the corners are square by using a square. Put a level on the stud one side to see if it’s level. Raise it til it is, hammer a wooden stake into the ground (we used 2 per side) and drill stud into stake so it stays at the perfect height. Repeat with other sides.

4. Add dirt and make level with a tamper. Add gravel (cover area) and tamper. Add sand and level with tamper. The amount of each is dependent upon how high you want your patio. Measure the height of your paver stone, then add an inch for sand and another inch for gravel that’s how far you need to dig down.

5. Add paver stones. I found that leaving a small gap (1/8″ – 1/4″) between each stone makes it easier to keep square (though the pavers are square they are not all perfect), if you do this account for it when making your frame. Place stones down. Use your level across 2+ stones to make sure you remain level. Add or subtract sand under each stone to make perfect.

6. Fill all cracks and gaps with sand. Brush away all excess sand and water lightly, this will compact your gravel/sand foundation.

Enjoy your new DIY patio.

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