forget FTP – get

FTP is great if people know what they are doing. However, most people outside the design community don’t know how to use it or what to do when they do have it. Here is a simple, easy and FREE solution-

Here is the skinny: Box makes sharing files easy – create a folder, upload a file, send a link. Box works on any browser, any operating system, and any smart phone. Replace FTP for seamless online file sharing with teams, partners and clients. No software to download; no hardware to maintain. Upload files up to 1 GB in size. You can also edit files online. It’s FREE. It’s super easy to use and secure (your clients and friends can only access the files you send them the link to). Sign up today.

Friday Fixies

For your friday viewing pleasure. A collection of cool white fixies. Click on the images to see more of the bike.

Jesse Carlsons Fixie

Jesse Carlson's fixie

Eric Jones fixie

Eric Jone's fixie

Domingo Cavenati Fixie

Domingo Cavenati fixie

Andrew-peet fixie

Andrew-peet fixie

Spencer Ericksons fixie

Spencer Erickson's fixie

More than a tree house

I saw this a while back and wanted to share it. This is an amazing structure made out of 350mm square wooden planks and glass. It’s amazing that something could be asthetic yet functional only using one size wooden planks. I also love huge wood beams in architecture. This structure seems so simple yet so complex see more here!!!

Fujimoto Wooden House

Fujimoto Wooden House